Vianet launches yet another high-speed cost-effective internet plan; offers 75 Mbps Internet at Rs. 800 per month with 48 GB Ncell Data Free  – |


On the occasion of New Year 2022, Vianet has launched a new offer with Mini Internet plans targeted towards low Internet usage households.

Under the Mini line of products, Vianet has launched a Mini-75 pack where customers will be able to enjoy a super-fast speed of 75 Mbps Internet at Rs. 800 per month on an annual subscription. As a part of their New Year offer, Vianet is also providing a free Ncell Sim card with a subscription to their Mini Internet plan. The Ncell Sim card comes with free 4GB mobile data every month for a year, which means customers will be able to enjoy a total of 48 GB of mobile data in a year. Additionally, customers will also be able to enjoy various Ncell  free of charge including 50 minutes free talk time to other Ncell  and 50 free SMS per month. Furthermore, customers will also get a free talk time of 50 minutes to call the Vianet call center and an extra 1GB of monthly data to use the Vianet mobile app.

two weeks ago, Vianet had Ultra-Fi line of products – Internet plans that to give users the highest Internet speeds at the lowest prices. The highlight of the Ultra-Fi product line was the 175 Mbps internet plan which comes with up to 2 ViaTV subscriptions and is priced at only Rs. 1250 per month on an annual subscription.

With the Mini Internet product line, Vianet hopes to cater to not the general population but also the niche market of households that require high-speed Internet but have limited usage.


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