Valley has a rule on gatherings of more than 25 people. From January 21 onwards, evidence of vaccination will be required to use public services.


Starting Tuesday night, gatherings of more than 25 people in Kathmandu Valley’s districts—Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur—were outlawed, and vaccination cards were made required for everyone to access public utilities and get services from government offices, with effect from January 21.



“In light of the number of Covid-19 instances,” the chief district issued an 18-point order on Tuesday afternoon.

For the past few weeks, the country has seen a steady increase in cases, with districts in Kathmandu Valley having the greatest number of illnesses.

On Tuesday, 1,286 new cases were reported in the Kathmandu Valley, with 980 in Kathmandu, 221 in Lalitpur, and 85 in Bhaktapur.

In the last 24 hours, 1,981 new cases were recorded from 10,648 PCR testing and 463 from 4,385 antigen tests across the country.

The percentage of people who are optimistic has increased to 18.6%, up from 15.13 percent on Monday.

On Sunday, the Covid-19 Crisis Management Coordination Centre suggested that gatherings of more than 25 individuals be prohibited. The Home Ministry sent a circular to district administration offices and security agencies on Monday, instructing them to follow the proposal.

When the proclamation was published on Tuesday, huge crowds gathered in Kathmandu and other parts of the country to honor King Prithvi Narayan Shah’s birth anniversary.

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In case, the chief district officers’ notice appears to give political parties a free pass when it comes to meetings.

While point No. 4 prohibits gatherings of more than 25 individuals entirely, point No. 2 imposes restrictions on political gatherings.

“Along with preserving physical distance and washing hands often with sanitizer, use of masks should be mandatory while undertaking political, economic, social, professional, and other activities,” the notice states. “The government’s health procedure must be followed to the letter.”

No celebrations, meetings, festivals, or social activities with more than 25 persons should be allowed, according to the main district officers.

The notification states that “political, social, and administrative programs in public locations where a big number of people meet should be banned.”

According to the new regulation, all public vehicles must not transport more people than the seat capacity, and drivers and assistance must wear face masks or visors, as well as gloves. Passengers must have access to hand sanitizers, according to the rule.

The injunction adds, “Passengers masks shall not be allowed in the vehicles, and the vehicles must be sanitized every day.”

From January 21, citizens must present vaccination cards to enter public areas such as businesses, hotels, restaurants, cinema halls, stadiums, airports, and parks, according to district administration offices.

“If the number of instances continues to rise, further orders will be issued,” Rudra Devi Sharma, Bhaktapur’s top district officer, warned. “Until further notice, the order granted will remain in effect.”

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