Unilever’s tea processing plant in Hetauda has been shut down by the government


The municipal government has shut the tea processing plant of global corporation Unilever in Hetauda and has begun additional action as of today.

The local administration had sealed Unilever’s tea plant, according to Somkant Rijal, head of the Food Technology and Quality Control Office, Hetauda, after a joint monitoring team from the Administration Office, Makwanpur, the Food Technology and Quality Control Office, Hetauda, and various consumer organisations discovered expired tea in the company.

β€œAfter detecting expired and expired tea leaves in the monitoring based on unique information, we gathered samples and sealed the company’s tea processing centre,” we stated.

920 bags of expired 30 kilogramme tea bags were discovered in the company, according to him. According to him, the found tea samples were collected and delivered to the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control for testing.

He said the tea was being monitored after a special notice was issued to allow for the creation of fresh packages by extending the expiration date. After it was discovered that expired tea leaves imported from India were being sold under the brand name “Red Label,” the monitoring was carried out.

A collaborative monitoring team comprised of local administration, food technology and quality control office, and consumerist organisations supervised the tea plantation in the industrial complex based on the special information acquired. Previously, the team had taken action against a businessman who was producing agarbatti in the name of an Indian brand illegally.

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