Transporters resume ATF supply


, January 29

Agitating transporters, who had been halting the supply of (ATF) since the last four days, have resumed supplying the product from today following a fourpoint agreement with (NOC).

Tanker operators transporting ATF in the domestic market had halted the supply of the product seeking amendment in a provision, which makes tanker owners compensate for the technical loss of the petroleum product during .

Tanker operators have resumed the supply of fuel following assurances from the NOC that their logical concerns will be examined and addressed soon.

“Tankers have resumed their regular from today and the supply of ATF is normal,” informed Birendra Goit, spokesperson for NOC.

NOC and tanker operators have primarily reached an agreement to study and review the compensatory provisions on technical loss of petroleum products during transport.

Citing that shrinkage loss during is determined by different factors, including temperature, transporters have been demanding that NOC not hold them responsi

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