‘Tourism sector will take years to recover from coronavirus impact’


The entire tourism sector has been hit hard by the outbreak. While tourism activities across the country have been halted completely, the government has also decided not to issue climbing permits for spring expeditions across all mountains. Tourism entrepreneurs have been seeking relief packages from the government in a bid to cope with the situation while the government is still undecided about it. Against this backdrop, spoke to , president of Mountaineering Association to know about the impact of the virus in the expedition sector and the tourism industry. Excerpts:

What is your take on the impact of coronavirus on tourism, especially the mountaineering sector?

Tourism activities in Nepal are at a complete halt since almost a month. It is almost clear that tourism is the sector that has been hit the hardest. As nobody knows how long it will take to contain the pandemic, it might take years for the tourism sector to revive. As mountaineering is a part of tourism, the virus has completely affected the mountaineering and expedition sector. Businesses across the world, including in Nepal, have been affected by the coronavirus. But at the moment besides anything else, the major focus should be on how to save lives and contain the virus. Once the virus is contained, the government should introduce measures to revive not only the tourism sector but the entire .

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As all expeditions for this season have been suspended, what impact will it have on the mountaineering sector?

It is definite that expeditions are not possible this season which starts from May. Thus, this will surely affect the sector, including those entrepreneurs and workers involved in this sector and subsequently the government revenue. Even if the World Health Organisation (WHO) announces that the spread of the coronavirus has been contained within the next three months, the tourism sector will take another three years to completely revive. The mountaineering sector is linked to hotels, tour and trekking, among others. We cannot revive the mountaineering sector unless all these sectors and the entire tourism sector recovers from the effects of coronavirus. Almost 350 people had completed all processes for expedition for this spring season while hundreds of others were in the planning phase, but they have all cancelled their plans. We are not even in a position to calculate the loss in mountaineering sector. People will not start travelling immediately even after the coronavirus is contained completely. The focus of people across the world is how to be safe and how to protect others.

As the mountaineering sector is completely shut, don’t you feel it is the best to enhance clean-up drive on mountains?

The April to May period is considered as the season for expedition. However, we are not going to have any this season and the entire year. Thus, this expedition season is appropriate time for the government to expedite the cleaning of different mountains. Let the virus be contained, which might take a few months. Once the vir

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