Total 535 successful ascents last autumn


, January 13

A total of 535 climbers from 54 countries successfully scaled 25 peaks in the last autumn season.

Out of the total of autumn season, 417 were males while 118 were females.

However, the number of successful climbers last autumn declined by 26 per cent compared to the 723 climbers that had successfully scaled various peaks in autumn season of 2018, informed Mira Acharya, director of Hotel and Mountaineering division of the (DoT).

“Although the number of successful climbers declined last autumn, the number of permits issued for different peaks was higher last year,” she said. “In 2018 autumn season, 844 climbers had received expedition permits for 43 peaks against 1,210 permits issued for 53 peaks in the same season last year.”

As per Acharya, the unfavourable weather conditions could have primarily resulted in drop of successful ascents last autumn.

“Technical aspects

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