Today is the last day to purchase Samriddhi Finance Company Limited (SFCL) shares and be eligible for the company’s rights offering. The firm proposed issuing the right shares in a 2:1 ratio. On Shrawan 15, the company filed its request to the regulator. On Mangsir 29, SEBON approved the proposal. A total of 27,29,705 shares will be issued to eligible shareholders by the finance firm. The book will be closed on November 11th. Because today is the last trading day before the book closes, shareholders who have held their shares up to this point are eligible to apply for the right shares. The issue manager will be BOK Capital. SFCL’s total paid-up capital will be Rs 81.90 crore when the proposed right share is issued. The company has an LTP of Rs. 495 as of this writing.


From Poush 7, 2078, will rebate scheme encourage clients to use digital payment.


According statement, card customers who use their cards for digital payments would receive 5% or up to Rs 100 for their fifth card transaction, 10% or up to Rs 150 for the tenth transaction, and 15% or up to Rs 250 for the fifteenth transaction.

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