This Dashain, the price of goat meat is predicted to stay constant.


The price of goat meat is projected to remain throughout the forthcoming Dashain festival due to abundant domestic production and supply.

The Department of Livestock Services (DoLS) estimated more than two decades ago that domestic production of live goats had increased to 14 million per year, reflecting a more than double increase. Around 3.5 million goats are traded commercially out of the total crop, with the rest consumed by the local populace.

The price of goat meat will remain stable, according to Chandra Dhakal, a spokesperson for the Department of Livestock and Sheep, because the current supply of goat meat surpasses the demand for the impending holidays. According to him, around one million live goats are auctioned throughout the country during the Dashain holiday.

During the festival, the Kathmandu Valley alone consumes 50,000 goats, accounting for a fourth of the whole demand. has a demand of 12,000 units, while Biratnagar has a demand of 10,000 units.

According to Department of Land Administration (DoLS) records, Nepal consumes 379,000 tonnes of meat per year and produces 552,000 tonnes. According to the Valley’s poultry business, demand for chicken in the Valley peaks at 300,000-350,000 kg per day on regular days. The consumption of goat meat, on the other hand, rises dramatically during the Dashain celebration.

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Meanwhile, on Friday, a day before the festival of lights begins, the government-owned Food Management and Trading Company (FMTC) will begin selling Dashain-targeted goats throughout the Valley. The firm hopes to sell 2,000 goats at the event, which is its goal.

According to FMTC, the farm food will be sold at a discount of Rs 10 per kilogramme compared to the current market price. Due to a high cost of production and a paucity of the animals, the government-owned company has decided not to sell Himalayan goats this year.

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