The weekly deposit in commercial banks has shrunk by Rs. 7 billion.


The release of an extensive study on the deposit and lending trends in the nationR7;s commercial banks has been announced. This is the information that has been reported as of Mangsir 10, which is the last working day of the working week. The current CD ratio is 90.93 percent as of this writing.

The total deposit decreased by 7 in the week of Mangsir, bringing the total deposit to Rs. 4,29 for the month. There is a total of Rs. 4,10 billion in deposits in local currency, with the remaining Rs. 118 billion in deposits in foreign currency.

Meanwhile, total loan has increased by 14 billion, bringing the total to Rs. 4,055 billion, an increase of 14 percentage points. Lending in the amount of Rs. 3,900 has been forwarded in local currency, with the remaining Rs. 155 billion in foreign currency.

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