The unresolved condition of cane growers forces them to take to the streets once more


growers have again protested in Kathmandu after sugar manufacturers failed to pay their bills.

Sugar factories, according to the farmers, have yet to pay them roughly 300 million rupees.

These farmers have repeatedly protested and demanded payment of their debts.

The Farmers Struggle Committee claims that Indira Sugar Mill has yet to pay the farmers Rs 30 million, Lumbini Sugar Mill Rs 30 million, Annapurna Sugar Mill Rs 10 million, and Sugar Mill Rs 90 million. β€œSimilarly, even though Shree Ram Sugar Mill turned over Rs 30 million to the Chief District Officer of to be paid to farmers, the money has yet to be dispersed to the farmers.”

Earlier that day, on January 3, 200, the agitated farmers, sugar mills, and the government negotiated an agreement to the debts as quickly as feasible. The farmers, on the hand, have yet to receive full payment for the they supplied to the companies.

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