The Taliban has demanded that US drones be barred from entering Afghanistan.


The Taliban issued a dire warning on Wednesday, stating that the United States will suffer the consequences if it did not cease flying drones over Afghan airspace.

R0;With the operation of these drones in Afghanistan, the United States has broken all international rights and regulations, as well as its obligations made to the Taliban in Doha, Qatar,” the Taliban stated in a statement on its official Twitter account.

R0;We call on all countries, including the United States, to treat Afghanistan in accordance with international rights, rules, and commitments… in order to avoid any harmful consequences,” the group said.

Officials from the United States were not immediately available for comment.

After the majority of US and other Western forces withdrew from Afghanistan last month, the Taliban Islamist group came back into power, bringing an end to a military and diplomatic mission that began shortly after the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States.

However, Islamic State militants claimed credit for bomb attacks in the eastern city of Jalalabad, despite Taliban leaders’ denials that Islamic State and al Qaeda militants are active in their nation.

The international world is putting pressure on the Taliban to cut connections with al Qaeda, the terrorist organisation for the September 11 attacks in York and Washington.

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