The procurement of COVID-19 vaccines for children and adolescents under the age of 18 is planned to begin in the near future


Following the Dashain celebrations on October 15, according to Umesh Shrestha, Minister for State for Health and Population, the procurement of COVID-19 vaccines for people under the age of 18 commence immediately after.

On Sunday, he told a crowd gathered at the Kanti Child Hospital in Nairobi that 10 million doses of vaccines for children under the age of 18 were on their way and arrive within the next few days.

Following the Dashain celebration, he claims that plans have been made for the acquisition of four million doses of Moderna vaccine and six million doses of Pfizer vaccine, with 100 doses due to arrive immediately following the festival.

According to him, immunisation is the government’s priority, and COVID-19 vaccinations are now ranked first in the world in terms of effectiveness among all available vaccines. He became enthusiastic when he was informed that the government was about to unveil a management improvement policy that target health facilities at all three levels.

On this occasion, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation gave a donation to the hospital, which contained 0 ventilators and various medical supplies, among other things.

Foundation It was reported by Mahesh Nakarmi, the Foundation’s representative in Nepal, that the Foundation has been assisting the government with medical supplies since the first wave of pandemic, and that current was designed to combat a possible third wave of the disease.

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Amounts reportedly allocated for medical assistance to the hospital were estimated to be worth Rs 414.84 million, which is the equivalent of $414.84 million in US dollars.

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