The price of gold has dropped by Rs 200.


On Friday, the price of gold dropped by Rs per gram. Now, the price of gold in the domestic has been set at Rs 91,300 per tola, according to the latest data.

On Thursday, the yellow gold trading for Rs 91,500 per tola on the Indian market. In accordance with the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association, the current price of standard gold is Rs 90,800 per tola on Friday, down from Rs 91,000 per tola on Thursday, according to the Federation.

According to the federation, the price of silver has remained steady at Rs 1,190 per tola early November. According to the Federation, the price of gold and silver in Nepal be fixed in accordance with the price of the worldwide market.

A similar trend may be observed on the foreign market, where gold is currently trading at USD 1775.15 per ounce.

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