The price of goat meat has been fixed between Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,300 per kg for the festival week beginning on Tuesday


Meat Shops in the Kathmandu Valley have set the price of goat meat at between Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,300 per kilogramme for the duration of Dashain, which begins on Tuesday.

It has been determined that goat meat, including stomach and intestine, will cost Rs 1,000 per kilogramme of flesh, according to the Meat Entrepreneurs Association (NMEA). Similarly, the price of beef mixed lipids has been set at Rs 1,200 per kg, while the price of meat without any sub-components has been set at Rs 1,300 per kg. Starting on Fulpati, which is the seventh day of Dashain and falls on Tuesday, the new pricing will be in effect.

According to Khadgi, president of the Meat Exporters Association, the group has asked all meat merchants to keep a pricing list that reflects the rate set by the umbrella organisation. “We will take action against anyone who is found to be selling at a rate that is higher than the tariffs set by the association,” Khadgi stated.

The Department of Livestock Services’ records also reveal that the present supply of live goats is greater than the demand for this year’s festival, which is a positive development. Approximately one million live goats are to be auctioned throughout the country during Dashain, according to the Department of Agriculture.

A similar price has been set for chicken, which will cost Rs 300 per kg, while the price of buffalo meat and pork would each cost Rs 500 per kilogramme of the flesh. When compared to other meats of the same type, goat meat is in high demand during Hinduism’s most important holiday.

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Meanwhile, a result of the restricted availability of Himalayan goats this year, the price of the animal has more than doubled when compared to the previous year. According to the NMEA, the live Himalayan goat is being sold for a price of Rs 1,500 per kilogramme, which is a significant increase over the previous year’s price of Rs 800 per kg.

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