The President urges for the preservation of the nation’s legacy and cultural traditions.


In her address to the nation, President Bidhya Devi Bhandari urged everyone to contribute to the preservation of the nation’s legacy and culture.

President Bhandari, speaking at the inauguration of stadium in Matihani Municipality in Mahottari district today, called on all parties involved to take the initiative in preserving the nation’s legacy and rich culture of Mithilachettra, where, she added, dozens of ancient sages have mediated.

“Province 2 is well-known as region where sages such as Astabakra, Yagyabakya, Gargi, Maitraiyi, and King Janak, among others, pondered,” the author writes. “In order to pay tribute to our illustrious past, we need both save and protect the heritage and monuments associated with the aforementioned professors,” she stated.

President Bhandari argued that our future generations would only be able to see and acknowledge our glorious past if we took the initiative to conserve religious heritages in Province 2, such as the Laxminarayan Math, the Laxminarayan temple, saint Tasmaiya Baba’s Khanti, the Pirbaba Majaristhan, Laxmisagar, and the Mahadev Temple at Jaleshwor, among other places of worship. The famous Maithali poet Bidhyapati was also mentioned by the head of state, whose works have contributed to the development of the country’s literature.

Additionally, she praised “the current Rajakiya Snskrit Secondary School, which is continuation of a 300-year-old Sanskrit school in Matihani that has contributed to spreading the light of education.” As an alternative viewpoint, Bhandari argued that the sports industry played a significant role in the development and recognition of any country’s image. According to her, the Matihani Municipality had recognized this and had taken the appropriate action by creating the football stadium.

She expressed her hope that the newly inaugurated stadium will foster the development of sporting talents and provide opportunity for sportspersons in the province to perfect their abilities via regular training and competitions.

Because the Tarai area has fertile agricultural land, President Bhandari emphasized the importance of the three-tier government considering providing skills, technology, and facilities to attract and facilitate farmers in the Tarai area toward commercial farming. He noted that the Tarai area has fertile agricultural land.

Mithila area (now Province No 2), which has unique role in Nepal’s general history, has faced a number of severe challenges, the most significant of which has been poverty resulting from caste-based discrimination, gender oppression, superstitions, and illiteracy.

President Bhandari applauded the provincial government’s ‘Beti Bachau-Bechi Padhau’ (Save Daughters-Educate Daughters) campaign, which he said was significant step forward in the fight against gender inequality.

Among other things, we should concentrate our entire attention on eradicating detrimental customs such as child marriage, unmatched marriage, the dowry system, and witchcraft accusations, among others.

Bhandari stressed the importance of paying close attention to the preservation of the Chure Area. She claimed that the Chure hills were intertwined with the life of the people of Tarai.

She emphasized the importance of streamlining the river system in the Chure Area and discouraging its exploitation, both of which are now underway.

President Bhandari was presented with letter of appreciation from the Mayor of Matihani Municipality, Hari Mandal, and a letter of honour from locals in Matihani, Bimalesh Shah, Binod Mandal, and Naresh Mahato, for their significant contributions to the construction of the stadium, which was built at a cost of approximately Rs 30 million on land measuring approximately 1 bigha 19 kathha.

Among those in attendance were Province 2 Chief Minister Lalbabu Raut and MP and Lokatantrik Samajwadi Party-Nepal Chairperson Mahantha Thakur, as well as other members of the political establishment. Following the inauguration of the stadium, President Bhandari paid visit to the 500-year-old Laxminarayan Math, the Laxminarayan temple, the Mahadev temple at Jaleshwor, and the Khanti of Saint Tasmaiya Baba, where he gave prayers.

As part of her visit, the president stopped by the local Rajakiya Sanskrit Secondary School, which has been in operation for three centuries and where the pupils welcomed her with chanting mantras. Bhandari was greeted by number of dignitaries, including Mayor Ram Shankar Mishra of the Jaleshwor Municipality, people’s representatives, civil workers, and members of the local community.

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