The NRNA election has been postponed at the request of the Foreign Ministry.


Following the government’s directive, the election of the Non-Resident Nepalis Association (NRNA) has been postponed till further notice.

This is in response written instructions from the halt the election and session of the National Resistance Movement’s International Coordinating Council. Following an inquiry into anomalies in the union’s election process, the government has ordered that the election be postponed until a report on the investigation has been received.

On September 9, the NRNA received a directive letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) stating that remaining activity relating the election of the International Coordinating and the National Coordinating Council should be suspended.

It has also been announced that the of Nepal has appointed a three-member monitoring committee, which will be coordinated by Joint Secretary of the Ministry Bharat Kumar Regmi, look into allegations of fraud in the selection of representatives for the NRNA International Cooperation Commission in various countries.

Joint Secretary Regmi is the head of the Policy, Planning, Development Diplomacy, and Nepali Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ international operations. Representatives from the Ministries of Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs, as well as the Ministries of Communications and Information Technology, serve on Regmi’s committee. The directive letter does not specify how long the committee will have complete its work before submitting its findings. According to the committee’s report, all ICC and NCC election-related activity must be suspended until the committee provides its report.

It is stated in the government’s directive that complaints of election irregularities have been lodged in Australia, Germany and the United States as well as in New Zealand and Belgium as well as in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Portugal, and that the elections in those countries will be thoroughly investigated.

In addition, the letter accused the NRNA ICC of failing respond to a letter in which it was asked about anomalies in the Japanese election. The Japanese Left has been accused of abusing the electoral system, including the use of bogus votes, to win over its followers in the recent election.

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