Thursday, November 18, 2021
    Nepal Stock ExchangeNEPSE NewsThe nepse makes a minor increase ahead of the Tihar festival.

    The nepse makes a minor increase ahead of the Tihar festival.

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    The market index started the day strongly in the green, but gains have been modest since the start of Wednesday’s trading session. Following a brief dip into negative territory in the afternoon, a tiny last-minute rally helped the index return to positive territory, allowing it to extend the previous day’s gain ahead of the holiday season. The nepse closed at 2,848.84, an increase of 5.22 points over the previous session.

    The stock market has maintained its position above the crucial level of 2,800 as it continues its rebound towards the 3,000 mark. Volumes remained modest, indicating a lack of conviction on the part of investors. A total of Rs. 6.5 billion worth of stocks changed hands.

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    The vast majority of sectors recorded slight gains, with only a handful experiencing declines. The industries of hotels and tourism, non-life insurance, life insurance, and investment all finished in the red. Stocks in the hydropower, banking, and manufacturing and processing industries, on the other hand, gained strength, rising 0.73 percent, 0.44 percent, and 0.4 percent, respectively, on the day. All of the other sectors saw slight gains.

    Shares of Nabil Bank Ltd were the most actively traded after the commercial bank announced that it will deliver a 33.6 percent stock dividend and a 4.4 percent cash dividend to its shareholders from its in fiscal year 20/21. There were a number of additional companies involved, including Mahalaxmi Bank Limited, Api Power Limited, Arun Kabeli Limited, and Nepal Reinsurance Company Limited.

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    Strong performances were seen by Mahalaxmi Bank Ltd, Sahas Urja Ltd, and ICFC Ltd. These companies rose to reach the upper circuit level of 10% in value. In the last week, Arun Kabeli Power Ltd, NRN Infrastructure & Development Ltd, and Manushi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd have all seen their stock prices rise by between 7.5 percent and 6.1 percent.

    Chhyangdi Hydropower Ltd, on the other hand, experienced a 5.59 percent decline, followed by Shree Investment & Co. Ltd, which experienced a 4.07 percent decline. In the short term, Unilever Nepal Ltd, Green Life Hydropower Ltd, and United Modi Hydropower Ltd all saw their stock prices fall by roughly 3 percent.

    According to the ARKS technical analysis, the index created a little spinning top candlestick, which is a candlestick that typically represents market uncertainty. Following several months of extreme volatility, fueled by economic and financial news, the index is experiencing some consolidation around the 2,800 mark. Despite the fact that momentum indications indicate to the likelihood of a rebound, investors should hold off on making any significant purchases until there is a significant increase in volume.

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