The NEPSE index rises by 60.41 points (2.39 percent) to close at 2,584.91 points.


The index closed at 2,584.91 points today, an increase of 60.41 points from the week’s close. This represents a significant increase of 2.39 in the index. The index had gained 5.51 points on Wednesday, when the report was released.

A of 53,122 trades took place involving 240 scrips. The Float index is now at 177.13, up 2.39 from its close, while the Sensitive index is now at 482.01, up 2.29 percent.




Himalayan Distillery Limited (HDL) had the greatest turnover with Rs. 44.94 crores, and the stock closed at a market price of Rs. 4,318 per share, it the most valuable company in the country. The most actively traded stocks were those of Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited (NBB).




Despite the fact that HDL and Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalavidyut Company Limited (MBJC) both officially gained 10 percent, they failed to reach the positive circuit breakers in the market. In the meantime, Gurkhas Finance Limited (GUFL) suffered the most loss of 5.12 percent.







The “Mutual Fund” sector is the only one that ended the day in the red, and it so with a minuscule loss of 0.39 percent. “Manufacturing and Processing” has gained the most ground among all other sectors that ended the year in the black. It has gained 5.08 percent.

Aspects of Technical Analysis to Consider

The index began the day at 2,538.25 and ended the day at 2,529.88, a new intraday low. It then closed at 2,584.91, which was the intraday high. This has resulted in the construction of a green candle of average size on the candlestick chart.

Furthermore, a of 7,160,983 shares were traded, resulting in a turnover amount of Rs. 4.126 Arba (Rs. 4.126 Arba per share). This represents an increase above the Wednesday’s turnover of Rs. 3.623 Arba.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 54.30, which indicates a bullish trend. The reading was 49.17 last week, according to the data. RSI breaking over 50 suggests the probability of intermediate-term positive momentum in the stock market.

As a result of this continued negativity, both the MACD line and the signal line remain negative, i.e. below zero, with the MACD reading currently at -23.63. This measurement was -33.08 on Wednesday, according to the data. As of this writing, the MACD line has crossed over the signal line, indicating a slight bullish mood. However, if the MACD reading had been positive, the significance of the crossover would have been greater.

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