The NEPSE Index rises 5% to a positive circuit breaker level.


trading activity for today has been halted for 40 minutes.

In first two hours of today’s trading session, the NEPSE index gained 5%, or 114.25 points, breaking the circuit breaker. For the next 40 minutes, all trading has been paused. As a result, the NEPSE index has come to a halt 2,395.93.

1: 18 p.m., trading will resume.


Index-based Circuit Breakers, also known as market halt systems, are used when NEPSE index moves by 4%, 5%, or 6% in any direction. When these circuit breakers are tripped, all stock trading comes to a standstill.

• In instance of a 4% movement, the market would be halted for 20 minutes in either direction if it occurred during the first hour of trading, i.e. 12:00 hours. If this movement occurs after 12:00 a.m., no trading will be halted this level, and market will continue to trade.

• In the event of a 5% change, the market would be halted for 40 minutes in either direction if it occurred before 13:00 hours. There will be no trading stop this level if this movement occurs after 13:00 hours, and the market will continue to trade.

• Trading will be halted for the remainder of the day if there is a 6 percent swing in either direction.

least 14 enterprises have risen by 10% and have tripped circuit breakers. Today, all sectors rose significantly, with the Finance sector gaining the most (7.31%).

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