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Monday, November 29, 2021
    Nepal Breaking NewsGeneral NewsThe NBA's uproar is set to increase.

    The NBA’s uproar is set to increase.

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    It has been agreed to escalate the protest against Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher JB Rana by the Nepal Bar Association, which has been staging sit-ins and organizing corner meetings at the Supreme Court. The demonstration will take place across the country.

    accordance with NBA Vice-President Rakshya Basyal’s announcement, the NBA has decided to suspend pleading in all courts throughout the country, with the exception of habeas corpus writ applications. As a result of Rana’s continuing refusal to resign from his position, according to Basyal, the NBA chose to escalate its protest against him. According to her, the NBA’s demonstrations would not cease until CJ Rana resigned from his position.

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    A corner meeting will be held at all high courts and their benches throughout the country on Wednesday, according to the NBA.

    The National Basketball Association and dissident Supreme Court justices have been protesting against Chief Justice Rana, calling for his resignation for allegedly attempting to get his brother--law appointed to Sher Bahadur Deuba’s Cabinet and delaying the hearings of cases filed against appointments made to various constitutional bodies.

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    On Monday, the NBA will deliver memorandums to parties and parliamentary parties informing them of the reasons for its protest against the Chief Justice.

    The NBA’s Basyal stated that, notwithstanding the resignation of Chief Justice Rana, the organization would continue to advocate for judicial reforms. The claim made by Chief Justice Rana that there is no corruption the judiciary, according to her, is untrue.

    “If there were no corruption and abnormalities the judiciary, we would not be protesting,” she stated.

    Recently, Chief Justice Rana stated a television appearance that a commission chaired by Justice Hari Krishna Karki had identified corrupt behavior and irregularities that had plagued the court in the past, and that corruption was not an issue in the judiciary at the time of his appointment.

    Questioned as to whether or not the NBA would encourage parties to impeach the Chief Justice, Basyal responded that such a decision was up to the political parties and that the NBA’s intention was to enlighten the political parties about the rationale for its protests.

    The NBA will cease all activities on Tuesday, including the submission of pleading notes, the filing of petitions, the filing of cases, the filing of written responses, and the filing of writ petitions. Basyal stated that the lawyers who were protesting would continue their demonstration at the Supreme Court.

    Following the submission of the NBA’s memorandum to the parties on Monday, Chandeshwor Shrestha, the president of the NBA, stated that their complaint will become the problem of the political parties. He stated that civil society members would join their demonstration to force the Chief Justice to resign.

    He stated that his office had turned down CJ Rana’s offer of negotiations because his departure was the bottom line of the lawyers’ umbrella organization.”

    CJ Rana is no longer qualified to occupy the position.

    If he is allowed to remain office, it means that the judiciary will continue to be characterized by crooked behavior and anomalous practices “He raised his voice in protest.

    In an interview with Shrestha, he stated that dissident judges altered the Supreme Court norms to adopt a lottery-based cause list, which would essentially prevent Chief Justice Rana from putting together the cause list. Shrestha, on the other hand, stated that the NBA would not accept the altered regulation if it permitted the Chief Justice to continue in his position as Chief Justice.

    “When it comes to judicial administration, the chief justice serves as the administrative head, and he has a say in the nomination of judges and constitutional office holders. We’ve seen how appointments have gotten contentious in recent years. Allowing CJ Rana to continue in his role as chief of judicial administration will result in the continuation of the current irregularities.”

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