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Friday, September 24, 2021
    Nepal Stock ExchangeNEPSE NewsThe "Nabil Balanced Fund III" public offering comes to a close with...

    The “Nabil Balanced Fund III” public offering comes to a close with 1,43,192 enthusiastic applicants; the issue was oversubscribed by more than 2.69 times.

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    The public offering of the “Nabil Balanced Fund III” by Nabil Investment Banking Limited has been completed successfully, to the company. After opening on 25th Bhadra, 2078, and closing at the conclusion of banking hours yesterday, on the 29th Bhadra, 2078, the public issue was officially closed.

    The Nabil Balanced Fund is a closed- fund, which means it will be traded on the NEPSE exchange only. The fund will be in operation for a duration of ten years. The fund contains a total of 10 crore units, each of which has a par value of Rs 10 per unit. Nabil Bank, the fund’s promoter, receives 14 percent of the funds, while Nabil Invest, the fund’s manager, receives 1 percent. The remaining 8.5 crore units were available for purchase by the general population.

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    to Nabil Invest, a total of 22,93,56,470 units have been applied for, with 1,43,192 submitting applications. This is the data that was reported by the issue manager after the issue was resolved successfully. As a result, the issue has been oversubscribed by a factor of 2.69.

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