The Kathmandu valley is experiencing the coldest day of the year so far.


On Saturday, the Kathmandu Valley had coldest day of the year, with temperatures as low as 2.6 degrees Celsius.

On Friday, the Valley’s minimum temperature was 3.4 degrees Celsius.

Pratibha Manandhar, a meteorologist at the Department of Hydrology Meteorology, said the temperature in the valley is dropping day by day and would continue to fluctuate in the coming days.

Manandhar went on to say that if the sky is foggy at night, the temperature rises during the day, if the sky is clear during the day, the temperature drops.

Similarly, the western Terai have been hit by bitter cold. Due to fog mist in majority of Tarai’s areas, people’s daily are becoming more difficult.

have advised people to take precautions to keep warm, as the cold has primarily affected the elderly young.

According to the most recent from the Meteorological Forecasting Division, the minimum temperature in Kathmandu Valley today was 2.6 degrees Celsius, with a maximum temperature of 19.0 degrees Celsius.

Today, the minimum temperature was minus five degrees Celsius in Jumla, while the maximum was 28.1 degrees Celsius in Bhairahawa.

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