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Monday, November 29, 2021
    Nepal Breaking NewsGeneral NewsThe Jhatta Transfer Chatta Car Yojana has been announced by Fonepay.

    The Jhatta Transfer Chatta Car Yojana has been announced by Fonepay.

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    The “Jhatta Transfer Chatta Car Yojana” has been introduced by Fonepay. The promotion includes a prize spree in which its lucky clients will have the to win an iPhone 13 on a daily basis. One lucky winner will walk away with a new car as part of the blockbuster promotion.

    Fonepay, a well-known digital payment processor, has extended its “Jhatta Transfer, Chatta Car Yojana” through the end of the year. The promotion will begin on Monday, October 18, and will last for a of 80 days.

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    Fonepay Direct users who make an online bank money transfer through the service are eligible to win one of the grand prizes.

    One of the prizes is the latest iPhone 13, while the other is a new automobile.

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    With this offer, the well-known e-payment service provider hopes to inspire more people to use digital payments. The corporation had already introduced a similar offer the previous year.

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    Exactly Who Is Eligible For This Promotion?

    The winner of the big “Jhatta Transfer Chatta Car Yojana” reward will be chosen from among all those who money using Fonepay Direct to the designated bank account. If you make a monetary transfer from one bank to another through Fonepay, you qualify to take advantage of this promotion.

    In order to make money transfers more convenient, Fonepay is available on the applications of banks and financial institutions. This feature can be accessed through the “ Money” section of bank’s mobile application. By selecting “Fonepay Direct,” you can send money to your own bank account or to the bank accounts of others. Each transaction will incur a fee of Rs.10 from you.

    If you are interested in obtaining this service for your company, please visit this website to learn how to become an approved Fonepay merchant.

    Electronic payment eliminates the need for physical cash in the marketplace. For the most part, consumers can rely on the funds in their bank accounts to cover their obligations. you go to the market, you won’t have to worry about carrying real cash any longer.

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    Since the beginning of the lockdown, the use of digital payments in Nepal has skyrocketed. People have suddenly begun to incorporate electronic payment into their regular routines and have continued to do so. Because it eliminates the need to carry physical cash and greater convenience, digital payment has emerged as the most customer-friendly alternative to cash payment, with Fonepay serving as a significant vehicle.

    Have you ever made a bank transfer or a payment using Fonepay? Please let us know about your experience working with us.


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