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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
    Nepal Stock ExchangeIPO | FPO NewsThe initial public offering (IPO) of Nyadi Hydropower was oversubscribed by more...

    The initial public offering (IPO) of Nyadi Hydropower was oversubscribed by more than 8.25 times

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    Nyadi Hydropower Limited has begun the initial public offering (IPO) of 2,250,000 units of ordinary shares valued at Rs. 22.5 crores from Ashwin-15, 2078, according to the company. The early closing date for this initial public offering (IPO) is Ashwin-19, 2078. Due to the fact that the issue was already oversubscribed on the first day, it will close at the earlier than scheduled closing date.

    From Ashwin-15, 2078 to the present, the firm has issued a total of 2,250,000 units of shares, representing 15 percent of the total issued capital. Mutual funds account for 112, units, or 5%, of the total number of units, which is 2,250,000 units. There are 45,000 units reserved for firm personnel and a total of 2,092,500 units reserved for the general public, representing a 2 percent share of the total number of units.

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    International Money & Capital Limited has been designated as the issue manager for the initial public offering (IPO). According to the problem manager, a total of 17,252,240 units have been for, with 1,379,665 submitting applications. This is the information that was available as of 5:30 p.m. yesterday. As a result, the issue is already overcrowded by more than 8.25 times on the second day of distribution.

    It is possible to submit applications for a minimum of ten units and a maximum of fifty thousand units.

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