The initial public offering (IPO) of Nyadi Hydropower Limited comes to a close with 2,282,027 applicants


Nyadi Hydropower Limited has successfully completed the initial public offering (IPO) of 2,250,000 units of ordinary shares valued at Rs. 22.5 crores, which was announced today. Starting on Ashwin-15, 2078, the public issue was open the public. Due to the fact that the issue was already oversubscribed on the first day, it was forced to close at the earlier than scheduled closing date, which was today.

From Ashwin-15, 2078 Ashwin-16, 2078, the corporation issued of 2,250,000 units of shares, representing 15 percent of the total issued capital. One hundred and twenty-five thousand two hundred fifty thousand units (or 5 percent) of the total of 2,250,000 units were allocated mutual funds. 2 percent of the total units, or 45,000 units, were reserved for firm personnel, while the 2,092,500 units were reserved for the general public.

The issue manager for the initial public offering (IPO) has been named as Global IME Capital Limited. According the problem manager, 2,282,027 have applied for total of 27,615,920 units, with a total of 2,282,027 candidates having applied. This is the information that was after the issue was closed today. As a result, the issue has been oversubscribed by a factor of 13.20.

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