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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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    The government has started the process of importing fertiliser five more countries

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    The government has started the process of importing fertiliser from five more countriesFollowing the successful GtoG purchase Bangladesh, the government has taken the initiative to bring fertiliser from five more nations via government-to-government (GtoG) agreements.

    According to the agriculture ministry, the procedure of importing fertiliser India is nearing completion.

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    Similarly, a letter has been issued to China, Bangladesh, Oman, and Morocco via the foreign ministry to acquire fertiliser them. However, no substantive has been received.

    According to Joint Secretary Dr. Hari Bahadur K C, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development addressed the letter to these nations through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the Council of Ministers agreed in principle to fertiliser on a GtoG basis.

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    He stated that the fertiliser had already been delivered from Bangladesh, and that all of the procedures for acquiring fertiliser from India had been completed, leaving only the two parties’ signatures on the purchase agreement.

    He explained that all of these GtoG purchases were made to avoid a fertiliser shortage, and that a global tender for fertiliser imports will be announced soon.

    Only 30% of the required fertiliser can be in through the G2G method, according to him.

    Currently, five countries have been selected for this purpose. The fertiliser will be obtained from a country that offers it at a lesser cost and with a better deal.

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