The feasibility study for iron mines in Baitadi has begun.


A feasibility assessment for iron mines in the Baitadi district’s Malladehi and Ketila districts, which are part of the Southeast Puchowrdi Municipality. The Department of Mines and Geology is in charge of carrying out the investigation. Until a few years ago, residents of the surrounding worked in the mine to harvest iron.

According to Senior Divisional Geologist Thakur Kandel of the department, a team has already begun the research of the iron mines in Kalidhunga and Gharkattya of Puchowrdi Municipality-7 and 8, which are located in Puchowrdi Municipality-8. Electrical Resistivity and Magnetic Survey, among other approaches, will be used to perform the research, according to him.

The study will be carried out by the team for a month. In addition to Kandel, a team dispatched from the department’s Lainchaur office in includes Geologist Krishna Pandey and Technical Assistant Yagya Prasad Parajuli, as well as other members of the department.

The mines that were once have been inactive for an extended length of time. With the current preparations to perform a study of the mines, local residents of the municipality are already hoping to at the mines.

Furthermore, there are many sorts of mineral mines found within Baitadi district. The mines have remained dormant and underused for an extended period as a proper study of had not been done yet, according to Chief Raj Awasthi of Jagannath Bahumukhi Campus. There are many iron mines in the of Kuwakot, Bhatana, Maharudra and Salena, according to locals, as well as other sections of the district.

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