The dividends paid out by these companies have been deposited in the bank.


NLG Insurance Company Limited has distributed a ten percent bonus share to its shareholders’ Demat accounts, which they access online.

It was approved at the company’s 15th Annual General Meeting (AGM), held on the 21th of Shrawan in 2078, the proposed 10.5263 percent dividend for the fiscal year 2076/77, consisting of 10 percent bonus shares and 0.5263 percent cash dividend (amount for tax purposes) from the paid-up capital. The value of the bonus shares is Rs. 10,96,37,550, while the value of the cash dividend is Rs. 57,70,397.

When it comes to shareholders who haven’t authenticated their account in their Demat accounts or dematerialized their shares, dividends will be distributed only after they’ve gone all of the appropriate steps. A No Objection Letter or a Release Letter are also required from investors who have taken out margin loans against the company’s stock, depending on when they took out the loan and when it was paid back.


Similarly, Neco Insurance Limited (NIL) has already listed 20,42,019.30 units bonus shares on the NEPSE, and the company is in the process of depositing them into shareholders’ accounts. For the fiscal year 2076/77, the corporation had distributed a 16.32 percent dividend, consisting of 15.5 percent bonus share and 0.82 percent cash dividend (for tax purposes).


Nepal Bangladesh Limited has also a cash dividend of 3.50 percent to its shareholders’ bank accounts beginning on the 5th Mangsir of the year 2078, and has advised them to dematerialize their shares as well. On Mangsir 3, 2078, the business had its 27th Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the fiscal year 2077-78 under the guidance of its chairman, Mr. A.R.M. Sakib. from the standard financial reports, the AGM accepted the board’s to 12 percent bonus shares and 3.50 percent cash dividends to the company’s shareholders, in addition to the regular financial reports.

The identical cash dividend has been deposited in the same account.

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