The death of the wild elephant Makuna brings relief to the residents


It was a huge relief for the residents of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Center and its nearby areas when the wild elephant – Mukuna – was electrocuted. Recently, Makuna was discovered dead at a human settlement in Belka Municipality, Udayapur, after he had gone missing for several days.

Year after year, the Mukuna would infiltrate human villages and destroy seasonal crops. During the previous year, a herd of six wild elephants entered human villages in the buffer zone and slaughtered at least 0 people. Seven of them were from the city of Udayapur. Wild elephants demolished property and murdered people in Gaighat, reports. Through the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Center, they had made their way to Gaighat.

After wild tuskers ruined crops and even attacked humans in Rampur, Tapeshwori, and Bhagalpur two years ago, the Belka Municipality installed an electric fence keep the tuskers out. Staff at the municipality, including Gopal Niroula, stated that the municipality has spent a significant amount of money to keep people safe from the tuskers in their natural habitat. R0;An electric fence was erected safeguard the people from attacked,” he explained further. He stated that the people were warned not to leave their homes during the night since the elephants were more active during the night.

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Dilli Bimali, a former people’s representative of Tapeshwori Village, claimed that the villagers were relieved after the elephant died, despite the fact that it was a sad piece of news hear. The wild elephants have been a source of contention for the locals for many years. They have also wreaked havoc on the houses and seasonally harvested crops. The reserve center’s conservation officer, Ashok Kumar Ram, stated that the office had begun an investigation into the incident. He went on to say that no evidence had been discovered to support the claim that the elephant had been electrocuted. Approximately 800 metres distant from the conservation centre, Mukuna was discovered dead, him.

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