The deadline to apply for the “10.25 percent Civil Bank Debenture 2088” has passed.


public offering of the “10.25 percent Civil Bank Debenture 2088” Civil Bank Limited has ended. The issue began on the 24th of Mangsir and was scheduled to end on the 28th of Mangsir, 2078. The issue, however, was not fully subscribed by the early closing date, hence the was extended till Poush 09. Today, on Poush 07, problem manager has decided to close the issue.

total number of units in the issue is 30,00,000, with each unit having a par value of Rs. 1,000. While 18 lakh units would be sold through private placement, 12 lakh units will be made available to the general public, with a 5% quota reserved for mutual funds.

Investors can apply for as few as 25 units and as many as entire issuance.

The “10.25 percent Civil Bank Debenture 2088,” as its name suggests, will mature in 2088 and unitholders 10.25 percent annual returns.

This debenture offering is being managed Laxmi Capital Market Limited.

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