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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
    Nepal Breaking NewsGeneral NewsThe dams and tunnels for the Gharkhola hydropower project are nearly complete.

    The dams and tunnels for the Gharkhola hydropower project are nearly complete.

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    The final stage construction of dams and a tunnel for the Gharkhola hydropower project has been reached.

    The dams and tunnels for the 14 megawatt project have been built 95 percent the way, according the project’s promoter, Myagdi Hydropower Limited.

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    Infrastructure work, such powerhouse construction, is now occurring. The construction work has been hastened in order complete the project within a year, according to Anil Tiwari, officer the Myagdi hydropower project.

    “A total 2,855 metres of the 3,005-meter-long tunnel passage have been dug. We will complete the construction prior Dashain (almost two months away),” he stated.

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    Started in 2018, nearly 70% the project’s construction work has been accomplished date. South Asian Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is the civil contractor on the project, while Simar Energy Pvt. Ltd. is the electrical contractor.

    CE Hydro Mechanical Works Pvt. Ltd. is the hydro mechanical contractor. Around 150 employees are employed daily by the civil contractor.

    Despite topographical challenges, COVID-19, the restriction order, and landslides, engineer Josheb Bajracharya stated that construction is continuing. The project’s final cost is estimated to exceed Rs 2.4 billion.

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