The CEDB Hydropower Development Company will issue 25,18,230 shares in an initial public offering (IPO).


The CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited will issue an Initial Public Offering (IPO) (IPO). On Baisakh 2, 2078 BS, the Board Nepal (SEBON) gave final approval to the IPO issuance.

The company is planning to sell 25,8,230 shares to the general public. This equates to 30% the overall capital raised.

The plusulative paid-up capital (if completely subscribed) after the IPO would be Rs 83.94 crores. After the public offering, the promoter will own 70% the stock, or 58,75,870 shares.

The IPOR7;s problem and sales is Sunrise Capital.

About CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited

On Mangsir 5, 2066 BS, CEDB Hydropower Development Company Limited was founded (November 30, 2009). It was established by the Clean Development Bank (which later merged with NMB Bank) to provide equity funding for hydropower projects.

It currently owns and operates three hydropower projects: the Radhi Small Hydropower Project (4.4 MW), the Syange Hydropower Project (183 KW), and the Khudi Hydropower Project (4 MW). In addition, the company has invested in four projects that are currently under construction: Tallo Khare Khola Hydropower Project (11 MW), Dordi-1 Hydroelectric Project (12 MW), Rukum Gad Hydropower Project (5 MW), and Kasuwa Khola Hydropower Project (45 MW).

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