The Bank of Kathmandu (BOKL) proposes a dividend of 14 percent.


The Bank of Kathmandu (BOKL) has proposed dividend payout of 14 percent for the fiscal year 2077-78.

The bank has total capitalization of NRS 9.65 billion in paid-up capital.

The 206th meeting of the company’s board of directors, which took place on October 25 (Kartik 8), decided to distribute dividend to its shareholders based on the paid-up capital that had been maintained as of the end of Asar.
ten percent bonus shares worth Rs 9.658 million and four percent cash dividend (for tax purposes) worth Rs 3.863 million, according to the company’s proposal.

The proposed dividend is subject to approval by the central bank and endorsement by the company’s annual general meeting, which will take place in the near future.

According to the most trading data on Tuesday, BOKL has last traded price (LTP) of 358.

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