The Asian Development Bank will conduct a damage assessment of the Melamchi Water Supply Project.


A team of experts from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is visiting to assess the damage done to the Melamchi Water Supply Project as a result of the recent floods in the region. It has been that the geology of the top portion of the project be investigated by the crew.

While in Bhremathang, the team investigate the situation in Thegrini and the current condition in Melamchi, which has been severely hit by flooding and landslides during monsoon season. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) had been requested to conduct a study by the Ministry of Water Supply and Irrigation, claiming that the area was at risk. According to the Ministry of Water Supply and Irrigation, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has already delivered a letter approving the Terms of Reference for the project (TOR). The ADB team is ready to visit the site, according to Neupane, a spokesman for the Ministry of Development.

The Melamchi Water Supply Project be studied by expert team, which will come within a week, according to him.

Currently, a number of organisations, including ICIMOD, are doing their own investigations into the geological condition of Bhremathang. In contrast, the Ministry of Water Supply and Irrigation has urged that the ADB conduct a thorough investigation. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is also a development partner in the Melamchi Water Supply Project.

Years passed with increasing number of avalanches collecting in the areas above Melamchi. The Melamchi project has been put at risk as a result of this. A motorable bridge, as well as the headworks and two temporary tunnels, were damaged by the floodwaters on the Melamchi River. The Water Supply Project has presented an action plan to the Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation at a cost of Rs 2.5 billion in order to temporarily restore the supply of drinking water to Kathmandu.

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