The Asian Development Bank has approved a loan of USD 60 million to help Nepal modernise its energy grid.


In addition to the current Nepal Electricity Grid Modernisation Project, the Asian Bank (ADB) has authorised a of USD 60 million USD as extra support for the ongoing project.

As reported by the Asian Bank, the project is automating 34 existing grid substations, completing the installation of smart metres in the valley, upgrading 144 kilometres of transmission lines while also building 13 kilometres of transmission lines, and establishing an electricity distribution system command and control centre.

The Asian Bank (ADB) announced in a news release issued on Monday that the additional funding would “build up ADBR7;s support to provide dependable, efficient, and sustainable energy supply in Nepal.”

On the basis of these investments, it is that the country would be able to achieve its objective of 700 kilowatt hours per capita by 2026, as well as extend, improve, and modernise its transmission capacity and distribution networks. A total of 6 kilometres of 132-kilovolt transmission lines will be built between Nepalgunj and Kohalpur, and between Chobhar and Lagankhel, thanks to the additional support.

It will bring an extra 477 mega volt-amperes of substation capacity through the development of substations in Dumkibas, Lagankhel, Mulpani, and Nepalgunj, in addition to the existing capacity.

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