Terhathum Power Company (TPC) and Sahas Urja Limited are two companies that have issued initial public offerings (IPOs) (SAHAS)


In addition, the shares of Terhathum Power Company Limited (ticker symbol TPC) have been admitted to the NEPSE’s stock exchange.

As part of its Initial Public Offering (IPO), the hydropower company recently issued 8,00,000 units worth Rs 8 crore to the general public from its capital (Bhadra 9-13, 2078). Approximately 2 percent of the total number of shares offered to the general public (i.e. 16,000 units) were reserved for company employees, with the remaining 5 percent reserved for mutual funds, out of the total number of shares offered. The remaining 744,400 units were intended for the general public, according to the manufacturer.

The NEPSE has listed the 8,00,000 shares issued to the general public, the 4,00,000 shares issued to locals, and the 28,00,000 promoter shares, which totals a total of 28,00,000 shares.

To facilitate the first transaction, the opening range for ordinary shares has been set at Rs. 84.74 to Rs. 254.22 for the first transaction.

The shares of Sahas Urja Limited (SAHAS) have also been listed on the NEPSE in a similar fashion.

To raise Rs 70 crore through an Initial Public Offering (IPO), Sahas Urja Limited 70,00,000 units worth Rs 70 crore to members of the general public ( 6-10, 2078). This, as well as the shares issued to project-affected locals and the promoter shares, have all been listed on the NEPSE exchange for trading purposes. The promoter owns 70% of the company, and a total of 3,50,00000 shares are traded on the stock exchange.

For the first transaction in ordinary shares, the opening range has been set at Rs. 135.11 to Rs. 405.33 for the ordinary share price in rupees.

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