Suzuki | CG Motocorp | Happy New Car offer

On the occasion of the BS, MotoCorp, NepalR7;s official distributor of Suzuki vehicles, has introduced the “Happy New Car” deal.

A cash discount of up Rs. 250,000 will be offered on a variety of Suzuki vehicles, depending on the model.

Similarly, if you purchase a new Suzuki car an older model, you will receive a Rs 150,000 exchange bonus.

SuzukiR7;s 2019 and 2020 models will receive a liquidation kit worth up Rs 600,000.

Nabil Bank offers financing the purchase of different Suzuki automobile models. Nabil Bank will offer an auto loan an interest rate of 7.49 percent.

On top of that, when you buy a Suzuki vehicle in Nepal, you get a year of free vehicle insurance from CG.

Suzuki automobiles are currently available in Nepal in a variety of versions.

Suzuki has also announced on its Facebook page that starting in the month of Baisakh, the price of its vehicles will be increased. Customers interested in purchasing Suzuki vehicles should act quickly take advantage of the Happy New Car deal.

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