Friday, November 19, 2021
    Nepal Breaking NewsGeneral NewsSujita Basnet has been crowned Miss Universe Nepal 2021 by the organization.

    Sujita Basnet has been crowned Miss Universe Nepal 2021 by the organization.

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    Sujita Basnet, a Nepali lives in the United States but is not a permanent resident, was crowned Miss Universe Nepal 2021.

    Basnet was named Miss Universe Nepal 2020 on 30 at the pageant’s grand finale, which was held at the Hotel Yak & Yeti on Durbar Marg. Anshika Sharma was crowned Miss Universe Nepal 2020 in the previous year.

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    Basnet, is twenty-eight years old, won the coveted title after impressing the judges with her smart response in the Top 5 stage of competition.

    Answering the question, “If you could be a leader in any sector, which one would you choose and why?” Basnet said: “If I could be a leader in any sector, which one would I choose and why?” “If I had to choose a field in which to be a leader, I’d go with technology. We live in a technologically driven society in which everything we do is driven by technology. is technology, exactly? It is both an innovation and a remedy. We are living in an era in which we been confronted with COVID-19, a global virus, and have been successful in finding a remedy as a result of technological advances. To sum it all up, if I could be a leader in any business, it would be in technology because innovation is required throughout our planet and the universe. We require a remedy, as well as the ability to comprehend and communicate with one another about the events taking place in our world in the future. And, because to technological advancements, we are able to attain all of these goals.

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    As a result, I would like to be a technological pioneer.”

    Basnet, was also the first runner-up in the Miss Universe Nepal 2020 competition, was awarded a monetary prize of Rs 1,000,000 in addition to the title of Miss Universe Nepal 2020.

    The Miss Universe pageant, which will be held in Israel in December, will feature her as Nepal’s representative. Basnet also had two subtitles, which were Miss Fierce and Miss Fabulous, respectively.

    In a same vein, Nina Kant Mandal, the second runner-up in the Miss Universe Nepal 2020 competition, was promoted to the of first runner-up.

    Rakchya Upreti was named the second runner-up, followed by Pratiksha Mahara Chhetri, was named the third runner-up, and Dr Keshu Khadka, who was named the fourth runner-up.

    Upreti was also awarded the Social Impact Leader subtitle for her film on children’s mental health difficulties, which she made for a competition.

    She was selected as the winner based on public voting (which accounted for 50% of the total vote) and the decisions of the judges (50 per cent). Sagun Gurung and Bibhuti Gautam were named the winners of the People’s Choice Award, given to the contestants received the greatest number of votes from the general audience. All three winners were given automatic entrance into the Top 10 in the final round of voting. Mandal was awarded two titles: Miss Lifestyle and Miss Free and Fearless, both of which she won.

    From a total of 107 applicants, the contest picked the top 50 quarter-finalists.

    The top 16 semi-finalists were then chosen from among the remaining candidates.

    In the grand finale, the top 10 were chosen from among the top 16 competitors, and then the top 5 were chosen. In addition to make-up artist Sneh Rana, former Miss India Ritu Singh Vaidya, former Miss Nepal Ishani Shrestha, media personality Sareeta Gyawali, motivational speaker and trainer Mannsi Agrawal, and singer Indira Joshi served on the pageant’s six-member all-female judging panel.

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