Sugarcane farmers agree to withdraw protest



After 16 days have finally agreed to withdraw their protests.

During a meeting held today at the Ministry of , Commerce and Supplies, the sugarcane farmers signed a four-point agreement with the .

As per the agreement, the government will recover the farmers’ remaining due payment within 21 days, said Urmila KC, information officer of the ministry.

“The ministry has made a commitment to recover the due payment within 21 days.

If the mills do not clear their payments, the ministry will withhold the assets of all the mills and take necessary measures to provide to the farmers,” she said.

Similarly, the meeting has also formed a study committee to examine and sort out the issues between mills and farmers in the long term.

According to KC, the committee will investigate the misuse of the subsidy allocated for the farmers, the subsidy of the sugar mills, and the purchase of sugarcane at less than the price fixed by the government.

It has been agreed that the committee will include a representative each from the Industry Ministry, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture and Development, and Ministry of and sugar mill operators.

Meanwhile, there will be two representatives from the Federation of S

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