Soaltee or Oriental? Which shares do you prefer?


The third-quarter report for the fiscal year 2075/76 has been released by two hotel firms, Soaltee Hotel and Oriental Hotels. Soaltee’s profit increased by more than 52 percent, while Oriental’s net profit increased by 6.32 percent until this quarter compared to the previous year’s corresponding quarter.

Which hotel stocks do want to add to your portfolio? Based on the unaudited third-quarter survey, see how two hotels performed. The quarterly results are presented the below. Please feel to express your preference for one the two hotels.

Headings Soaltee Oriental
Paid up Capital (‘Rs. Crores’) 66.61 107.44
Reserve & Surplus (‘Rs. Crores’) 89.43 108.14
Total Revenue (‘Rs. Crores’) 131.88 87.62
Profit (‘Rs. Crores’) 23.1 20.75
EPS (‘Rs.’) 3.47 19.31
worth share (‘Rs.’) 23.43 200.66
Current Ratio 1.49 1.54
Market price share (‘Rs.’) 248 623


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