Simrik allowed to operate rescue flights for COVID-19 patients



The () has permitted to operate for COVID-19 patients.

As the COVID-19 infection is spreading rapidly across the country and Smirk Air has fulfilled all the health safety protocols for rescue based on the guidelines of CAAN and the World Health Organisation, the authority has issued the permit to Simrik Air to COV- ID patients, CAAN has stated.

“Simrik has been delivering impeccable service for transferring patients requiring immediate treatment to the requested sectors/hospitals even during the lockdown period.

Considering our services with safety, CAAN has permitted us to conduct COVID-19 rescue flights,” said Executive Director of Simrik, Captain Siddartha Jang Gurung.

The permission was issued on Monday and the very day the first infected patient airlifted by Simrik Helicopter was brought to HAMS Hospital in Kathmandu from Butwal in a proper isolation box dedicated for patients infected by the coronavirus.

“In this new normal phase, we are committed to delivering the safest and most efficient service,” he said, “All of our crew members have been well trained and oriented regarding rescue flights during this sensitive time period.”

In association with Mediciti Hospital, the chopper company is providing rescue services along with medical team.

“Along with our crew members, there will be a

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