Short-route public transportation entrepreneurs stage protests in order to obtain a fare increase


-distance public transportation companies in the Kathmandu Valley shut down their operations on Monday in protest over “the apathy demonstrated by the government authorities” toward the problem of raising transportation fares.

Entrepreneurs running buses and cabs in particular have demanded that the provincial and municipal governments impose new charges in accordance with federally amended transportation fares, which were implemented in July by the government. Vehicle travel on the Valley’s ring road was halted today as a result of the protests taking place nearby.

The Department of Transport Management (DoTM) increased public transportation fares by 28 percent as of July 14, with effect from that day. The Department of Transportation and Mobility (DoTM) altered public transportation charges for long routes based on an existing “scientific” mechanism that the government and transportation entrepreneurs had upon roughly a decade earlier.

According to the Central Federation of Public Transport Nepal, the new fares have not been fully implemented for many transport services that are under the jurisdiction of provincial or governments as a result of the delay at the sub-national levels. This is due to the delay at the sub-national levels.

Our voice has gone unnoticed in the past, despite our frequent submissions of written notices to the appropriate authorities.” Instead, when our member transporters attempted to raise fares on their own, the government detained them, according to Keshab Nepal, the federation’s general secretary.

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