Several mutual funds managed by Sanima Capital have reported net losses in Mangsir.


The “Sanima Large Cap Fund” is a fund managed by Sanima Capital and promoted by Sanima Bank. It invests in large-cap stocks. Because the first public offering (IPO) was oversubscribed, the fund administrators expanded the size of the whole fund to Rs. .2 Arba. The “Sanima Large Cap Fund” is a closed-ended fund, which means it can only be traded on the NEPSE exchange. The fund will reach maturity seven years after it is first allocated.

Mangsir saw the fund invest Rs. 5.91 crores in shares of publicly traded firms and Rs. 1.17 crores in public issues, right shares, and bonus shares during the month. It has Rs. 3 crores in fixed deposits and Rs. 2.18 crores in bonds and debentures on its sheet as of March 31. The fund now has a bank balance of Rs. 57.71 crores.

The fund suffered a loss of Rs. 6.35 crores in the Mangsir transaction. Profit for the preceding month was Rs. 2.88 crores, which was a record high for the fund. The fundR7;s net asset value (NAV) is Rs. 9.63. The previous month’s rate was Rs. 10.39 per rupee.


Furthermore, the financial report of the “Sanima Equity Fund” for the period from Mangsir, 2078, has been issued by Sanima Capital Limited.

Specifically, the NAV of the Sanima Equity Fund has declined to Rs. 5.71, down from the previous month’s NAV of Rs. 17.68, according to the data.

For the year ending December 31, the fund made investments of Rs. .37 billion in listed shares and Rs. 4.12 billion in public issue, right-to-purchase, and bonus-share investments. This fund has invested Rs. 13 crores in fixed deposits and Rs. 8.38 crores in bonds and debentures, bringing its total investment to Rs. 17 crores.

Meanwhile, the Sanima Equity Fund has a cash of Rs. 39.2 crores in the bank. Mangsir saw the fund suffer a net loss of Rs. 25.4 crores, which was the most in its history. In the preceding month, the company had a net profit of Rs. 25.17 lakhs.


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