Thursday, November 18, 2021
    Nepal Stock ExchangeRight | Bonus | DividendSEBON directs listed firms to remit cash dividends along with account information...

    SEBON directs listed firms to remit cash dividends along with account information to designated bank accounts.

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    The Securities and Exchange of Nepal (SEBON) urged listed businesses to pay cash dividends to shareholders’ bank accounts with and accurate information.

    Until now, the board directed that the dividend be distributed such a way that only the name of the share registrar appears on the shareholder’s bank statement when the dividend paid by the listed company to its shareholders is deposited in the shareholder’s account at a financial institution. The of directors, on the other hand, directed that the dividend be distributed in such a way that the shareholders are aware of the firm, the fiscal year, and the rate of the dividend.

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    Following shareholder objections about a lack of transparency while the dividend is being deposited, the of directors issued the notice.

    to the instructions issued by SEBON, the company will now be required to clearly include the name, income, and amount of the company, among other information, when paying a cash dividend to a shareholder’s bank account either directly or through its share registrar, among other information.

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