Sanima Mai Hydropower Reports Satisfactory Growth in Key Profitability Indicators in the Second Quarter


In the second quarter (Q2) of the current fiscal year 2078/79, Sanima Mai Hydropower Company Limited (SHPC) announced a 17.99 percent in net profit. The profit grew to Rs. 37.14 crores in the current quarter, up from Rs. 31.48 crores in the previous quarter.

This quarter’s revenue climbed by 5. percent.With a share capital of Rs 3.09 Arba, it has a reserve fund of Rs 74.92 crores.The corporation has a 3.69 times fair liquidity position. 1.5 times is an acceptable ratio.It earns Rs. 24.05. share an annually basis. The P/E ratio was 19.09 times and the net value share was Rs 124.25.

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