Samling Power Company Limited’s initial public offering (IPO) is expected to take place on Tuesday, according to The Himalayan Times.


It has announced that the Samling Power Company Limited’s initial public offering (IPO) would take place on Tuesday.

The company had recently completed first public offering (IPO) on October 25, 2021. (i.e. Kartik 8, 2078).

Unit shares in the amount of 7,30,000 were made available for subscription by the general public, representing 14.6 percent of the company’s issued capital.

Employees of the company received 2% of the issue, which amounted 14,600 shares, and mutual funds received 5% of the issue, which amounted to 36,500 shares, respectively.

Meanwhile, the remaining 678,900 shares were reserved solely for distribution members of the general public.

The company’s manager is Nepal SBI Merchant Banking Limited, which is based in Kathmandu.

22.65 million 698 applicants applied for a total of 2,69 million 3500 units, resulting in a 39.67 times oversubscription of the offering, according information obtained.

Only 67,890 slots will be available for the lucky applicants.

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