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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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    Sajilo Pay Launched as Nepal’s first multilingual payment app

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    On occasion of the festival, Sajilo Pay, a payment service firm regulated by the Nepal Rastra Bank, launched the country’s first bilingual payment app, dubbed ‘Sajilo Pay,’ on the App Store. Nepal’s variety and culture were taken into consideration when the firm launched the app in eight distinct languages, in an effort to publish its app in all of the country’s languages while also recognising differences.

    Besides Nepali and English, app is also available in Tharu and Maithili as well as Tamang, Newari, Magar, Gurung and Limbu languages as well as Sherpa and Doteli languages. will expand to include additional languages in the future.

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    In addition, Sajilo Pay has announced efforts to eliminate issues from app and to solicit public input in order to make the software available in every language possible. Keeping in mind that the app may contain linguistic problems in languages other than Nepali and English, the business will award Rs 2,000 to a total of 10 users who identify and repair any linguistic errors. The users will be chosen at random from among who report linguistic errors.

    Similar to this, because some words and sentences from existing languages in the app have not yet been translated into the respective languages, a total of Rs. Four thousand will be awarded to 20 users who contribute to the translation of one or more of the languages in their entirety, with the winners being chosen at random.

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    Aside from that, first three users that translate and send the glossary and phrases of languages other than the ones already available in the app will each receive Rs 7,000 as a reward.

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