Sajha Yatayat signs an agreement to purchase 40 electric buses.


Sajha Yatayat Cooperative Ltd and China’s CHTC Kinwin (Nanjing) Automobile Company inked a contract for the supply, delivery, and maintenance 40 electric buses for the Kathmandu valley today during a signing ceremony.

Both Sajha Yatayat and CHTC had representatives sign the agreement on their behalf: Bandana Thapa, a Sajha Yatayat board member, and Rajan Rayamajhi, managing director NEV Nepal Pvt Ltd (three-Go Group) and a representative of CHTC in Nepal. The total contract cost for 40 e-buses and 20 charging stations is USD 3,738,540 ( taxes), with Rs 67,365,553 (exclusive of taxes) going toward training and five years of maintenance, which covers replacement parts.

According to a news release issued by Sajha Yatayat, the procurement process successfully completed after expert examination nine offers received by the deadline of July 2. Within four months, CHTC will manufacture three e-buses, which will be tested for performance in the Kathmandu valley before the rest of the order is finished. The remainder of the order will be completed by CHTC.

This performance requirement inserted into the contract due to the novelty battery-operated full-size buses in the national setting.

The battery-powered e-buses, which will 36 people and have a total capacity of 42 passengers, will have a range of kilometres per charge. People with disabilities will be able to use them.

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While the current order is being fulfilled, Sajha Yatayat has already initiated the study necessary to acquire larger electric buses in addition to the current order.

In addition, in collaboration with the Lalitpur Metropolitan, Sajha Yatayat has commenced the process of purchasing four touring electric buses and is conducting research into the viability of converting old diesel buses to electric vehicles. In a similar spirit, it is establishing charging stations in collaboration with the Nepal Electricity Authority and the government.

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