Rs 3.36 billion investment in tourism sector during pandemic



Even though the COVID-19 outbreak has severely affected the , the sector witnessed investment worth Rs 3.36 billion during the pandemic.

According to the Department of (), a total of 19 related to the tourism industry with an investment of more than Rs three billion were registered in the last six months.

“Even though the tourism industry has been affected during the pandemic, the sector is gradually reviving. Thus, investments were made even during the pandemic by new investors eyeing the future prospects in the sector,” said Binayak Shah, first vice-president of Hotel Association (HAN).

Meanwhile, hotels that were being constructed before the pandemic were also registered because of which the investment seems to have increased, the department clarified.

According to DoI, hotels and restaurants attracted investments totalling Rs two billion during the review period. Mostly small and medium sized hotels have been registered during the current fiscal year. In the first six months of the current f

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