Rs 2.27bn in COVID-19 fund to be mobilised soon


, May 21

Different government and private agencies, especially those working in the health sector, have applied for resources at the and the government has started examining the proposals.

Rajendra Kumar Poudyal, spokesperson for the (), informed that Rs 2.27 billion has been collected in the fund and a dedicated team is analysing the proposals that have been received to utilise the resources from the fund.

“Both government agencies and the private sector have submitted applications at the fund and they have sought resources primarily to set up dedicated hospitals to treat COVID-19 patients, set up quarantine facilities and establish isolation centres and standardise existing isolation centres,” informed Poudyal. “We will soon mobilise the fund and disburse resources to deserving institutions,” he informed.

As per the COVID-19 Control and Treatment Fund Directive, resources collected in the fund can be used to procure drugs and medical equipment, develop infrastructure to manage persons infected with the virus, mobilise necessary human resources and distribute relief materials to the needy people.

Similarly, the directive states that the federal government, provincial governments, local governments, foreign governments, institutions/organisations or persons, governmental and non-governmental organisations and domestic organisations or persons shall be eligible to receive resources from the fund.

As envisioned by the directive, a seven-member committ

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